Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Library Loot: April 27 - May 3

Guys, I'm really trying to limit my library rentals. I have an embarrassing number of books that I own that have yet to be read (do any of you have that problem? Please let me not be alone). It's getting out of hand. My new rule for the past few weeks is that if I really want a book from the library, I can put it on hold at the library and go pick it up when it comes in. When I go to the library, I limit what areas I can look at so I don't go buckwild with library rentals. But like a moth to the flame, I find myself picking up a few extra books. I'm an addict, baby.

Oh yeah, and when I was at the library, I also discovered that they are having one of their semi-annual book sales on Saturday. The Husband will be out of town so I will be unsupervised at a book sale (he often has to be my voice of reason at events like this). This could be utterly dangerous, friends.

Anyhow, here's my pull for this week:

What did you get from the library this week?


  1. I have the same problem. My TBR shelves includes a three shelf book rack and half of a closet! Oops!
    And there is a book sale in my town Friday too. I took off of work for it!!! But the hubby will be with me. But he usually doesn't mind too much!

  2. I love books sales! Have fun!

    I really liked Something Borrowed, which is not usually something I would pick up. It's a really easy read, but very entertaining as well.

    I buy a lot of books, but I know I should be using the library more often. Like you, I have a stack of books at home waiting to be read (a lot of them from our library book sale).

  3. Seems we're all trying to restrict our library piles but that sale does sound dangerous - enjoy!!

    Happy reading!

  4. @Allison Macias Oh my, maybe it's a good thing that I don't have all of my unread books on one shelf. I'm not sure how many shelves they would fill! Have fun at your book sale!

  5. @Dorothy A. I like a little chick-lit reading every once in awhile. I've seen the Something Borrowed movie advertised a few times and thought the book sounded cute!

  6. @Cat I plan to! I live for danger (at least when it comes to books).

  7. When it comes to library book sales, I always say go for it! It's benefiting a great cause...libraries need all the help they can get.

    Like you, I've seen the trailer for Something Borrowed and loved it. So, when I saw a used copy at the local Goodwill, I had to grab it. We all need a little fun, easy read sometimes. I'll justify by saying it's part of a book v. movie research project!

  8. Actually, I haven't been to the library in a little while. I have been fortunate enough to have authors that want me to review their books plus I have a bunch of books at home and on my kindle. My goal this year is to read 130 books, and I am trying to read all of the books that I own before going to the library.

  9. @Jenna (Literature and a Lens) I like your thinking! I'm going to look at my library sale buying as purely philanthropic ;)

  10. @Cheryl I do need to put myself on library restriction so I can get some of the books that I own read! Eek!

  11. I have the same problem even with library books. I've had more than 60 items checked out at a time! Even considering some of these are kids' books and movies for my 5 year old, that's a little excessive!
    I have a copy of Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff and look forward to reading it. I really enjoyed her biography of Vera Nabokova.

  12. @Hannah I didn't realize that Schiff had written anything else besides Cleopatra. A book on Vera Nabokova seems like it would be really interesting!


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