Monday, April 20, 2020

Reading Challenge Update!

As a reminder, I am aiming to read a book from or set in each country the Department of State recognizes, which is 195 countries!

Well, this is my March update and it's almost the end of April! Although we've been spending a lot of time at home with the quarantine, I still feel like I'm trying to find a rhythm with everything.

I read books from this many countries in March:


You can check out my progress on my map or see a list of where and what I'm reading here.

I have read 153 books for this challenge so far.

The good news about my update being so late for this month is that I can tell you about Amazon's Read the World promotion. From now until April 24, you can download nine different Amazon Crossing (their internationally focused imprint) for free! Unfortunately none of the selections cover countries that I still have left to go in my reading challenge. Of course, I'm still going to download a few because they look really good! Check out the selections here!


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