Monday, November 12, 2018

Spotlight and a #Deal: Literary Book Gifts

Everyone! As soon as Halloween hit, it struck me that the holiday season will soon be upon us. Add to that the fact that I have more travel coming up before Christmas gets here and I am very ready to dive into my shopping. Now I have to imagine if you are here visiting my blog, maybe you like books? Maybe you think books are the best kind of gifts? Maybe you think that book related gifts run a close second?

If so, enter Literary Book Gifts. The lovely proprietor has some gorgeous designs for shirts and tote bags.

Like look at this one. This one is a design built around one of Emily Dickinson's most famous poems:

What about this one? An homage to my beloved Jane Austen - oh, I love it!:

How about this homage to Ulysses?:

There are so many more designs and you can check them out here! Maybe you can find something for your favorite book blogger???

Also, I have a promo code for you all for the site. It's good for 20% off and it never expires:


Enjoy and let me know what you pick!


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