Friday, July 29, 2011

A Fond Farewell to a Friend

I grew up in a pretty small town. We had a lot of used bookstores but if you wanted the latest and the greatest book, Borders was the place to go. As a teenager, I spent a ridiculous amount of time in my local Borders store. I'd go there alone and I'd go there with friends (there aren't many stores that just let you hang out as long as you want). There wasn't a whole lot for a teen to do where I grew up. You  could go to the mall or our small downtown area but that was really about it. Borders was a perfect place to just hang out. I spent countless hours (and countless amounts of babysitting money) on books, cds, and coffee. As part of a creative writing class I took in high school, I even got to do a few readings there with my class (way cool for a 10th grader). I have so many fond memories of that particular store and really the entire Borders company. Borders will always have a special place in my heart!

Last weekend, my husband and I were in my hometown and we went by Borders to see what the sales were like. The line to check out wound it's way all the way through the back of the store. The store itself just looked tired with the books all askew and shelves slowly beginning to clear out. It was incredibly depressing in a way. I really hope this isn't the fate of all brick and mortar bookstores.

Borders made a lot of mistakes and the business side of me can see why they failed so badly but I can't help but to feel nostalgic. It feels like I'm losing an old friend.

What say you? Are you sad to see Borders go or was it time? What do you think the fate of other brick and mortar bookstores will be?


  1. I'm really sad about this as Borders was the only book store we had in our town. I have no idea where I'll get books once it goes bye bye other than online.

  2. I am hearbroken over Border's closing. This was the only bookstrore in my area, I loved going in with my kids and browsing. A very sad time for all of us.

  3. We never had a Borders store near us, I only can across one 5 years back when I travelled to Brisbane but I loved the concept of coffee and reading in the one store.

    I feel the same about our Angus and Robertson store, after about 15 years of being Angus and Robertson they are now DeanSwift Books. Will tale me ages to get used to that. lol

  4. @Shandy Jo I think a lot of people are going to be in that same boat as well!

  5. @Anne I really hope that this isn't the end of bricks and mortar bookstores!

  6. @Mel @ Just one page... The coffee and books together was one of my favorite things about the store. That smell is like no other!!!


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